iGnite Kidz

Welcome to iGnite Kidz, where your children ages 5-12 will enjoy a church experience created just for them!

Every week we offer:

  • A warm welcome from teachers who love children
  • Memorable lessons based on the Bible
  • Creative activity (drama, games, crafts, and more) 
  • Friendships and community 

We love helping kids understand how the Bible is relevant to their daily lives and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We meet every Sunday at 10 a.m. (same time as adult service).

Questions? Click here to send us a message. And click here to read the iGnite Kidz mission statement, vision, and core values.


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Meet Our Staff Members

Rosa Velez


Rosa’s vision for iGnite Kidz is to build a community of discipleship and to create Sunday school experiences that allow children to truly enjoy learning and growing in their faith. She began her Christian journey at the age of 16 but had no formal Sunday school education, which gives her a chance to imagine and help create the church experience she wished she had as a child. She is the founder of backpack kids inc., which creates learning adventures for preschool children using a play-based curriculum. She trained under amazing organizations like Jumpstart and Royal Family Kids, a Christian summer camp for children who experienced relational trauma, and brings her passion and dedication to children to iGnite Kidz.

Janet Adkins


Janet is a longtime Christian who has taught Vacation Bible School, Sunday School and led Women’s Bible studies. In addition to ten years’ experience as a homeschool mom, Janet has a background in social work that involves youth mentoring, school counseling and working in child protective services. She loves spending time with her granddaughter, and her interests include dancing, biking, gardening, writing poetry and crafting.


Robert Lambert


Pastor, author, and teacher, for almost 15 years Robert has worn many hats and served in many capacities at Next Step Community Church.  Robert has a passion for teaching the word of God to others and brings this passion into the classroom when serving the children of the church.

Shelley Rodriguez


Shelley and her husband Pedro are longtime members and leaders at Next Step Community Church. Shelley gave her life to Christ in 1993 and has been involved in children’s ministry since she was in high school. She is the mother of two daughters, and her oldest now serves in kids’ church as well!

Justin Deas

Teacher Coach

Justin has been a member of Next Step Community Church for nearly 20 years and served as the leader of iGnite Kidz ministry for five years from 2016 – 2021. Justin has a background in education and has been an employee of New York City Public Schools since 2010, as both a teacher and assistant principal. Justin passionately believes in teaching and growing the next generation of young believers. 

Betsy Mitchell

Teacher Coach

Betsy was leader of the iGnite Kidz ministry for ten years before transitioning into leadership of adult education at Next Step Community Church. She now coaches teachers on how to make every Sunday the best it can be for our kids.

Our Mission

To create a place of identity, growth and enrichment where children ages 5 -12 experience the love of God and learn how His word is relevant to their daily lives.


  • A place of identity, where children learn what it means to be a follower of Christ.
  • A place of growth, where they come to hear God’s word and how it can transform their lives.
  • A place of enrichment, where children are eager to return each week, explore our Sunday school resources and experience godly principles, godly character, and joy in community.

Our Vision

Discipling children to become followers of Jesus.

Our Core Values

  • Devotion: Putting God first in everything
  • Honesty: Being honest in all that we do
  • Growth: Becoming the person God made us to be
  • Health: Taking care of our body, mind and heart
  • Family: Sharing what we learn with family
  • Others: Showing God’s love to everyone